News Release

Platers Launches Online Food Handler Program

EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan. 12, 2020 (Platers News Release) — Platers Inc (“Platers” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce that the company has launched an online food handler program for Canada. The program is designed to educate Platers cooks on how to safely handle food at home. The course was developed in-house to lower the cost to cooks (Offering at $19.99 compared to $79 from other platforms), the materials cover all important aspects of advanced food safety education that health authorities recommend.

At Platers, Safety is our number one priority. All Platers cooks are now required to have a food handler certification before the app launch to ensure public safety. All cooks are vetted by the Platers safety team and are held to high standards. Platers has created its own approval process that each cook must complete before they can offer food on the platform.

Edmonton Pilot Project – March 2021

  • Edmonton remains to be the first city to launch Platers in Canada.
  • The company is developing an advanced go to market strategy for Edmonton and surrounding areas.
  • Implementing an advanced referral program to expand rapidly.

Business Update

  • Achieved first revenue stream with online food handler course.
  • Timeline to launch Platers remains on time, the company expects to launch iOS platform in March.
  • Android platform to be launched in April.
  • The company plans on expanding through Canada in the second half of 2021.


Sandy Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Platers Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta