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Edmontontonian’s Garbage Contains Nearly 25% Food Waste

In Canada, approximately 47% of all food waste is produced at the consumer level. Amounting to over $31 billion in losses or about $1,760 annually per family of four. This is wasting natural and human resources used to grow, produce, process, and transport the food. Leading to environmental, economic, and social implications.

Environmentally, food waste is estimated to produce 7% of greenhouse gases globally. Food that ends up in the landfill takes significantly longer to breakdown due to the lack of oxygen. This anaerobic environment creates methane gas, instead of carbon dioxide, which is 21 times more potent and damaging to the atmosphere. All of this, from preventable food waste!

Based on annual averages, the average Edmontontonian’s garbage contains 22- 26% food waste. Commonly, from buying or making too much and not using it before it spoils. An opportunity exists to reduce consumer food waste through Platers. On our platform, home cooks can participate in lowering food waste averages by sharing food, instead of throwing it out.

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Source: Change for Climate Edmonton

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