Local Partners

Let us Take Care of Delivery

Stop Paying 30-40% Commission Deliver for 9.99% + $0.30 Commission

We’ll Find the Customers

We will work on providing you new customers, you can just focus on the fun part, cooking or preparing your meals. Once approved, your food will instantly be shown on our growing platform and visible to our customers. A ready made audience, for free! You cook, we’ll do the rest.

Avoid Big Delivery Fees

Delivery companies have been eating away your precious margins. They take 20-40% fees and leave you with little to no profits. Platers wants to help local business by offering affordable delivery service with low commission of 9.99% + $0.30 per order. At the same time helping locally owned restaurants and vendors profit.

Get the Tips you Deserve

When your customers order through delivery services, they pay tips to the drivers who deliver your food. Platers wants to help local restaurants by connecting customers with you so you can receive well deserved tips. Local partners keep 100% of the tips received from customers.

You Can Sell Anything

Create a business account and start selling your food for free. We only take a small 9.99% + $0.30 cut of each sales to cover costs of the platform. Meaning you- the partnered local restaurant or vendor, only pays after making a sale.

Guidelines for Restaurant Partners

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