Founded by Sandy Lee

Platers is Canada’s first food sharing platform. Find fresh home cooked food in your neighbourhood, using your phone. Ready to eat, at home or on the go. Our goal is to reduce food waste while re-inventing the dining experience for the better. Passionate cooks provide authentic dishes cooked in their own kitchen. Providing locally made home cooked food in cities across the world.

With zero start-up costs, Platers gives talented cooks the chance to show off their cooking skills and special dishes straight from their own kitchen. At the same time, opening a new avenue that’s different from traditional take out.

Founded by an entrepreneur based in Edmonton, Canada – Sandy Lee. Platers is on track to open our doors early 2021 as a pilot project in Edmonton, Alberta. By 2022, Platers will be available to all major cities in Canada and potentially in the US.

Our Goals
  • Reduce food waste
  • Disrupt overpriced restaurant industry
  • Re-invent traditional takeaways
  • Meal prep solution for busy individuals

Please contact us directly with any questions, queries, or opportunities.