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What a third-party food delivery and technology platform offers homebased food businesses

There are many benefits to partnering with a third-party home-based food delivery platform in Canada. For one, it instantly boosts your online accessibility and exposure. And perhaps the greatest benefit: it takes the logistical burdens of actually coordinating delivery software, processes, and personnel off of your plate. It also provides useful customer data for your home-based food business, which you can analyze for food delivery trends and patterns and subsequently inform your marketing strategy.

  • Focus on the food, not the logistics. Plater’s technology platform provides home-based food business with built-in ordering and payments technology, a seamless online ordering experience, and Platers’ Riders to deliver orders so home-based food businesses can focus on what they do best — making delicious food.  

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The massive rise of delivery services points to one key thing: the future of food delivery is bright. As customers require greater convenience in their daily lives (and access to good food), the demand for homemade or farmers market food products will only continue to grow.

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By Platers Homemade Food App

Platers is Canada’s first homemade food marketplace. Find fresh home cooked food in your neighbourhood, using your phone. Ready to eat, at home or on the go. Our goal is to reduce food waste while re-inventing the dining experience for the better. Passionate cooks provide authentic dishes cooked in their own kitchen. Providing locally made home cooked food in cities across the world.

With zero start-up costs, Platers gives talented cooks the chance to show off their cooking skills and special dishes straight from their own kitchen. At the same time, opening a new avenue that’s different from traditional take out.