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Platers On-Demand Delivery Service

It has been a busy year at Platers Inc. and the team is ready to add further value to the services we offer. Logistics of homemade food is where most homemade food startups often fail. This is due to the fact that many home cooks are selling food from home as a second source of income, so most people focus on evenings and weekends. Even when the orders come in the afternoon the order doesn’t usually get filled until the evening or the next day, which makes logistics very difficult.

Delivery feature will help sellers focus on cooking homemade food. It also adds value to home based businesses by offering delivery to all existing customers.

Our engineering team will likely have to try a few different concepts to figure out the best flow between the three parties (Buyer, Seller, and Driver), but here is how Platers On-Demand Delivery works:

  1. Cook will enter preparation time while adding a dish in Platers app
  2. Order goes to home cook
  3. Start preparing food. once cook presses “start” button, our system will send nearby drivers alert about order pickup and delivery location and time remaining to pick up the food.
  4. Once a driver accepts the order, the driver will see countdown that how much time is remaining to pickup the food..
  5. Driver will pickup and deliver

Platers Inc. engineering team is making a brand new app only for drivers, the plan is to beta test this service in September for Edmonton area only.

We always want to hear from you, feel free to comment or contact us regarding your ideas!

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, feel free to download HERE.

By Platers Homemade Food App

Platers is Canada’s first homemade food marketplace. Find fresh home cooked food in your neighbourhood, using your phone. Ready to eat, at home or on the go. Our goal is to reduce food waste while re-inventing the dining experience for the better. Passionate cooks provide authentic dishes cooked in their own kitchen. Providing locally made home cooked food in cities across the world.

With zero start-up costs, Platers gives talented cooks the chance to show off their cooking skills and special dishes straight from their own kitchen. At the same time, opening a new avenue that’s different from traditional take out.

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